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YAVUZLAR DİŞLİ SANAYİ TİCARET A.Ş. has been established by combining the power of 3 entreprenur,in 1996.The first purpose of the company is filling gaps in supplier industry of BURSA with service and quality understanding.
At first, YavuzlarGear began manufacturing by producing the sprocket,which is used too much and just can be obtained from out of town under non-economic conditions,in accordance with standart forms.
      By the time,Yavuzlar Gear has started to produce new products like rack gears and other kind of gears,so that the company has diversified manufacturing of machinery spare parts.
The aim of increasing product quality and manufacturing capacity and producing low-cost products brought many technological investments together.In this way,the company started to use three-dimensional design and analysis programs,computer-aided CNC machine tool,more universal and special purpose machines.
At the end of these developments Yavuzlar Gear entitled to receive ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification which is accredited by TÜRKAK and DAR,in 2008.Again in 2008,YDS brand has become our trademark.
      Today,Yavuzlar Gear is able to provide services for machinery,iron and steel,marble,transportation systems and textile brancs and also can respond all special orders from customers.
As standart products continue,YDS keeps working on R&D activities,always continues to research and provide ease of use products for his customers.
YDS provides the registration processes for the inventions at the end of R&D works. Our company has joined domestic and international fairs in order to promote both himself and his technological products since 2000.
İn recent years,YDS started to direct and indirect  export and has increased the export ratios day by day.
      YDS has production capacity for 100000 pieces of gears and 15000m rack gears annually.We have standart sprockets,gear racks and pinion gears,all final checks were made and ready to use,in our stocks for immediate supply.
Today , YDS is continuing his activities in an area of 1200m2 with 40 cnc,universal and speacial machine tools and nearly 30 specialist stuff in OTOSANSİT area on Ankara Highway.

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